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2017 - 2022: Crypto / Blockchain Writer

2017 - 2019: Blockchain Systems Architect, Engineer and Project Marketing Manager 2021 - 2022: Crypto Copywriter, Technical Paper Editor, Marketing Content Translator (Chinese to English), English Language Marketing Manager
*This is a snapshot of the original website I designed and developed under the domain "" (no longer active).

Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs, FinTech Writing Samples

1. The Benefits of Market Making (GSR)
2. Understanding Cryptocurrency Volatility (GSR)
3. What is an NFT? (Coinformant)
4. How to Make an NFT (Coinformant)
5. How to Buy NFTs (Coinformant)
6. How to Sell an NFT (Coinformant)
7. Where Do You Store an NFT? (Coinformant)
8. Why Does NFT Art Have Value? (Coinformant)
9. Will Ethereum Go Up in Value Because of NFTs? (Coinformant)
10. Best NFT Marketplaces (Coinformant)
11. How Do NFT Marketplaces Make Money? (Coinformant)
12. Deer Network Whitepaper (Deer Network)
13. Singularity Metaverse Whitepaper (Singularity Metaverse)
14. Ensuring That Your Tokenized Asset Offering Is Legal (Blockchain Advocates - Landing Page)
14. Deer Network Wiki (all sections) (Deer Network)
15. ARCHIVED WEBSITE: Link to the "Silubium" (丝路币) Blockchain + Crypto Project developed by Don Hartig (aka "Ryker Freegeld")

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